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On 2nd November, 2018, Porsche Studio Ningbo celebrated its grand opening. Porsche Studio Ningbo is a digital city showroom with a range of digital technologies. It’s located in No.1200 Ningnan North Road, Yinzhou district which is in the mature commercial shopping center, covering an area over 400 square meters.

As a new chapter for Porsche’s brand new retail experience, Porsche Studio Ningbo perfectly combines traditional brand spirit and innovative technology. The showroom is equipped with a series of interactive installation, continuing the brand’s persistently high-quality services, it offers customers and fans more scientific and visual experience.

Customer Self-Guidance Tool can effortlessly support you to experience in the world of Porsche. Interactive Video Wall and Digital Toolkit take you to experience in Porsche brand history and culture. What’s more, it's easy for customers to use AR technology to customize their favorite car.

Porsche Studio Ningbo is not only a Porsche sales outlet, but much more a platform for Porsche fans, a place to experience the Porsche culture, to meet other people and experience premium events! We had successfully execute various forms of activity like Mission E mockup display, art salon, explore your Porsche and sales promotion. Porsche Studio Ningbo strengthens the brand image, provides more creative customer experience and always adheres to high-quality service for Porsche owners and friends. We hope to attract more partners in the near future.

It’s a new approach to get close with customers and we look forward to create new ideas and possibilities on this new platform.