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In order to ensure that users enjoy the convenience provided by the PAIG (China) website, we have set some basic instructions. You can learn more about our detailed policies and regulations in these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is suggested to read carefully.

Terms and Conditions

By accessing and browsing this website, you accept without limitation or qualification, the following terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree, please discontinue your use of this website.


Terms and Conditions of Use apply to all users who access and use the PAIG (China) website, as well as all information, advice and/or services provided through the website.
By using this website, users accept these Terms of Use. Please note that these terms will be adjusted to the changes of the relevant regulations. The changes will be effective immediately upon revision of the Terms of Use. Website users are advised to read the Terms of Use periodically to understand the changes in the information.

Product Service Information and Responsibilities

  • The information and graphic images published on this website are based on the technical parameters at the time of making and uploading related web pages.
  • The description of each brand and its products on this website, including car model, configuration and accessories, is limited to vehicles sold in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).
  • The information displayed on this website is general information under any circumstances and is not legally binding.
  • Website information is only used to provide relevant message and does not constitute any recommendation. For damages caused by using (or failing to use) this website, including losses caused by viruses, applicability, timeliness or accuracy of information on this website, except for damages caused by improper handling or serious negligence of PAIG (China), the company shall assume no responsibility for foresaid conditions.
  • PAIG (China) shall assume no responsibility for any damages caused by the use of electronic communication means, including but not limited to losses caused by the failure or delay of electronic communication transmission, interception or processing of electronic information by third parties, or computer programs used for electronic communication and virus transmission.
  • PAIG (China) does not make any guarantee for the following contents, including but not limited to the guarantee for conditions, quality, merchantability, applicability for specific purposes and non-infringement.

Third Party Information

Information from a third party represents the personal opinions of that third party. PAIG (China) is not responsible or liable for such information.
Hyperlinks on this website may guide visitors to external websites maintained by third parties. PAIG (China) does not assume any responsibility for the content and functions of these external websites. PAIG (China) does not assume any responsibility for the quality of products and services provided by these external websites.

Intellectual Property

  • Users are not allowed to use any trademark displayed on this website without the prior explicit written consent of PAIG (China), except as otherwise provided by applicable laws. Other trademarks and logos displayed on this website may be owned by a third party related to or unrelated to PAIG (China) and used according to the permission of the third party. Nothing displayed on this website shall be construed as granting (by implication, estoppel rules or otherwise) any approval, permission or right to use any trademark, service mark or brand name displayed on this website without the written permission of the owner of PAIG (China) or a third party. Except with the written consent of PAIG (China), it is strictly prohibited to use any relevant logo or trademark (whether registered or not) of PAIG (China) as a hyperlink to this website or any other website.
  • All text, images, sound files, animation files, video files and other materials on the website are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. No one is allowed to use these materials for commercial purposes or to disseminate them without the written consent of PAIG (China), nor is it allowed to modify or mirror them on PAIG (China) servers.
  • Users are allowed to read this website and information, as well as copy aforesaid information for personal use, such as by printing or storage. All other uses of the website or information are prohibited by PAIG (China). For example, it is prohibited to store or copy the contents of PAIG (China) website on any external Internet website.

Comments and Suggestions from Users

If the user voluntarily publishes opinions, suggestions and/or materials on this website, regardless of whether it contains text, pictures, sound, software, information or other forms of content, or sends these materials to PAIG (China) by email or other means, PAIG (China) is allowed to use, copy and/or use these materials in full, free of charge and through commercial means. PAIG (China) does not bear any obligation of confidentiality for these materials.
From the date when the user publishes the opinions, suggestions and/or materials on this website, he/she will guarantee that the use and/or promotion of these materials will not infringe the rights (intellectual property rights) of any third party or cause any damage to any third party, resulting in any lawsuit, claim and debt. In the event of the above situation, it is necessary to make corresponding compensation to PAIG (China).

Principle of Independence

If these Terms of Use are partially invalid in relevant laws, both parties will continue to be bound by the remaining terms. Both parties shall consider the content and intention of the Terms of Use and try to replace the invalid terms with valid and legally effective terms corresponding to the invalid terms.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are exclusively governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any dispute arising from or related to these Terms of Use (including but not limited to disputes over the existence and validity of these Terms of Use) shall be settled by the courts of the People's Republic of China.

Privacy and Cookie Policies

General Information

PAIG (China) is the manager who processes all personal data collected through this website (the "website"). PAIG (China) respects users' privacy and handles users' data in accordance with the relevant regulations of the People's Republic of China on handling personal information on the Internet. This privacy and Cookie policy (the "privacy policy") will describe how we handle all personal data collected through websites and our right to access and correct these personal data.
PAIG (China) has the right to change relevant policies. The change information will take effect immediately when the changed policy is released. Website users are advised to read the policies periodically to understand the changes in the information.

Personal Data

PAIG (China) handles personal data collected through the website. The scope of personal data collected includes but is not limited to:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of affiliated company
  • Contact information
  • Other information (e-mail, mobile phone, etc.) that you enter on the form of the website
  • Any personal data contained in the content uploaded to the website by the user
For users under the age of 18, their personal data can be submitted through the website of PAIG (China) only if their legal guardians have read this privacy policy and are permitted to do so.


PAIG (China) will use personal data for the following purposes:
  • Provide users with the services shown on the website;
  • Improve service quality;
  • Answer users' questions;
  • Send information about current or future events organized by PAIG (China). If the law provides, PAIG (China) will obtain users' permission before sending such information.


PAIG (China) may transfer users' personal data to its group company. PAIG (China) may also provide users' personal data to a third party, which will process the personal data according to the instructions of PAIG (China), and the relevant responsibilities shall be borne by PAIG (China). If PAIG (China) sells all or part of the company's assets or equity to a third party, it may also provide users' personal data to the third party at the same time. Unless explicitly required by legal obligations, PAIG (China) will not provide users' personal data to any other third party.
Once use any services provided on this website, users explicitly authorize PAIG (China) to transfer his/her personal data to third countries/regions, even if these countries/regions cannot provide sufficient data protection services.


This website uses the so-called "Cookie". Cookies are small text files stored on the user's local computer. If visit a website, the website will use Cookie to identify the user. In this way, PAIG (China) can improve the user-friendliness of the website and adjust the website according to users' needs. The website Cookie stored on the user's computer will remain valid indefinitely after the user first visit to the website.
Users can change the settings of his/her web browser to notify him/her when a Cookie is stored on his/her computer. Users can also change the settings so that the browser does not accept Cookie from this website. However, if the user's browser does not accept Cookie from this website, the user will not be able to access or use all the features of this website.

Security and Retention Period

When transmitting, storing and processing personal data collected through this website, we will adopt currently commonly used technical measures to ensure the safety of the data.
In general, the period of time that PAIG (China) retains personal data collected through this website will not exceed two years.

Access, Correction and Deletion

At any time, any user can request that PAIG (China) provide him/her with access to the personal data it collects about the user. Users can also request PAIG (China) to correct or delete these personal data.