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In PAIG (China), we celebrate a corporate culture of Customer Orientation, Team Spirit, Responsibility & Trust, Respect, Enjoy Change and Growth.

We offer a competitive salary to our employees. In addition to business achievements, we also care a lot about how each employee performs and use it as a goal to motivate employees to work for common goals and visions of the company.

We have set up a diverse benefit system such as perks, health management, life caring, festival presents, to meet our staff’s different needs.

Meanwhile, we also go to great lengths to help our employees grow and advance in their careers. To empower every worker, the group Training Academy develops professional training programs and offers tailored training plans. The training programs integrate recent technical or social hot topics with global premium education resources to drive both growth of corporate and individuals.

Work-life balance is a philosophy we have been actively encouraging and pursuing. Intriguing team activities are organized for our employees to relax after work. We take care of our people’s work and lives, so that everyone can work efficiently while leading a happy life.

We operate in many regions across China market for long-term development. Our vision is to be the Best Employer among China’s automotive dealers.  

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