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We give our employees opportunities to advance in their career. The framework for this is a professional and systematic personnel development program that is developed and implemented specifically across the group as well as the business area.

Among thousands of trainings, Talent Acceleration Program for first-line and middle managers, and Basic Leadership Development Program for middle and senior management are two classical projects. 


Talent Acceleration Program

The Training Academy conducts a comprehensive assessment of talents from the group and dealership to get a deep understanding of their capabilities and personalities. Afterwards a tailored development plan will be designed for individuals, including training, mentoring, behavior learning, etc. For example, mentoring is delivered by experienced and well-trained in-house mentors to offer multi-angle support in career and personal development, while for behavior learning, talents will participate in hands-on practice to enhance problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.
Basic Leadership Development Program

Supported by Porsche Holding Salzburg in Austria, the Basic Leadership Development Program is aimed at cultivating high potential talents at the manager level. Through this program, high-potential management talents can better serve as managers and improve leadership skills, such as motivation skills, performance-coaching skills, giving feedbacks, etc. Moreover, this program also includes the management dialogues, which can strengthen the high-potential managers’ understanding of organizational development and strategies.