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PAIG (China) : Your Reliable Partner

PAIG (China) has always insisted on taking customer experience as its core objective, aiming at providing seamless sales support and multi-brand sales and after-sales services in different locations, with the unswerving pursuit of providing the best one-stop automotive solution and excellent user experience to major group fleet customers.

As our group fleet customer, you can enjoy the following exclusive benefits :

  • Multi-brand All-in-One tailored discount solution for fleet customers
  • Offer competitive sales discount solution
  • Individual financing package
  • Vehicle test ride/drive activities
  • Latest vehicle information
  • Trade-in/repurchase program
  • Regular vehicle display/Introduction for use/service testing for fleet customers
  • Door to door pick-up/delivery service of repair and maintenance
  • 24-hour vehicle road rescue
  • Green channels for maintenance
  • Multi-faceted market cooperation

we are looking forward to providing all kinds of enterprises and institutions and their employees with customized fleet solutions, including but not limited to banks, hotels, airlines, as well as public institutions, such as public universities, public hospitals, research institutes, embassies, radio stations, news agencies, etc.

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