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  1. Principle and Code of Conduct
      Over the last 70 years, Porsche Holding has become a renowned global brand, presenting in over 20 countries throughout Europe and other regions like China, South America, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. The success of Porsche Holding as the largest automotive distributor in Europe should be credited to our high standards in CSR and ethics because being a role model in integrity and compliance is one of our fundamental strategies.

      As a company with a global presence, Porsche Holding sees compliance more than abiding by laws, international conventions and internal rules and regulations, but that employees shall also follow company values such as respect, trust and unity. These principles have been set down in the company's own Code of Conduct. Naturally they apply to all levels of the Group and to all countries where Porsche Holding operates. This includes the important member of Porsche Holding, PAIG (China) Automobile Investment Co., Ltd. (“PAIG China”). PAIG (China) firmly believes that compliance and integrity have always been the cornerstone of our road to success, and should also be the basic principles to be observed in all future decisions.

      Attachment: Code of Counduct.pdf  
  1. Integrity
      Integrity means acting out of conviction with responsibility and steadfastness. A company can only have integrity when its people conduct themselves with integrity. Thus PAIG (China) is committed to fostering a strong and sincere culture of integrity through wide-ranging measures and activities. Integrity defines our inner attitude towards regulations, guidelines and values. Such values of integrity apply to every one of us, regardless of our position and function.
  2. Compliance 

      Compliance means complying with laws, regulations, internal rules and policies, as well as ensuring the implementation of the aforesaid. Compliance is not just a matter for management, but the responsibility of all employees. Key topics of compliance include anti-trust law, conflict of interest, anti-money laudering, data protection, product liability, fraud by employees, corruption, securities law/insider trading, etc. Among them, anti-corruption is the top priority in compliance.

      Corruption is not a trivial matter as it damages the interests of the company and employees. Porsche Holding attaches great importance to the issue of corruption and hopes to continuously improve its understanding of fighting against corruption. PAIG (China) adheres to the attitude of Porsche Holding to crack down on corruption, upholds anti-corruption spirit, and has formulated corresponding anti-corruption policies and reporting systems. Any person, including ordinary employees, senior executives, partners, can report potential corruption through the reporting channels provided by the ombudsman or reporting system.

      In addition to anti-corruption, PAIG (China) is also committed to creating an anti-trust and anti-money laundering compliance environment. We are fully aware that a fair market competition environment is beneficial to society, companies, industries and consumption. Therefore, we strive to make our own behavior conform to the relevant laws, regulations and policies. We have also promulgated and implemented corresponding anti-trust and anti-money laundering compliance policies within the Group, and are trying to help create a fair and transparent market competition environment.

  3. Whistleblower System

      Integrity and compliance are the foundation of our corporate policy and are top priorities for PAIG (China). Any violation of laws, regulations, internal rules and policies will not be tolerated and shall be punished accordingly. It is imperative to identify inconformity as soon as possible, so as to take correct measures and impose punishments. To prevent misconduct, it is also important that all employees will voluntarily report potential violations. In order to protect whistleblowers, their statements and identity are handled confidentially.

      To better implement the whistleblower policy, the Central Investigation Office was established, and Ombudspersons were appointed, to receive and process reports of Regulatory Violations affecting the Volkswagen Group. PAIG (China) has established its local investigation office to receive and process reports from its employees. Any employee may submit his/her report regarding potential violations via the following intake channels.

    2. Intake Channels
        Local Hints Intake Channels--PAIG (China) Investigation Office  
        E-mail: compliance@paig.com.cn

        +86-571 2882 8791 (Chinese, and English)

        3rd floor, No. 726 Yueming Road, Binjiang

        Group Hints Intake Channels--Central Investigation Office  
        E-mail: io@volkswagen.de

        Hotline (24/7)
        +800 444 46300
        +49 5361 946300
        *If there occur technical problems with the availability of the hotline, please use the other listed reporting channels to report your concern to the Investigation Office.

        Online channel
        Box 1717, 38436 Wolfsburg (downtown), Germany
        In person
        Porschestraße 26–30, 38440 Wolfsburg (downtown), Germany

        Dr. Rainer Buchert:
        • Phone: +49-69-71033330 or +49-6105-921355
        • Fax: +49-69-71034444
        • E-mail: dr-buchert@dr-buchert.de
        • Postal address: Bleidenstraße 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

        Thomas Rohrbach:
        • Phone: +49-69-65300356
        • Fax: +49-69-65009523
        • E-mail: rohrbach@ra-rohrbach.de
        • Postal address: Wildgäßchen 4, 60599 Frankfurt am Main, Germany